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Apply to IMUSE 2014!

We are pleased to announce that our 2014 Conference will be held August 12 - 23 in Beijing and Hong Kong.

Applications to attend the conference are now closed. We are in the process of reviewing applications, and will respond shortly. Thank you to all those who applied. Once we send out acceptances, we will ask attendees to submit their travel fees through the link below:

Overview of Conference

Do you look forward to crossing national and cultural boundaries?
Do you believe that individual efforts can change the world?
Do you desire to listen to and understand the different voices of the world?
Do you yearn to experience what can be created when elite students gather together?

1 Conference, 2 Cities, 11 Days and Nights, and 30 students from all across the globe!

We look forward to meeting you and hearing about your unique stories and experiences. Join us to experience a different culture, a new life-style, and fresh international perspectives, while making lasting friendships. Embrace this life-changing journey and join us in IMUSE 2014 to become a new group of empowering, future leaders!

The theme of this year's IMUSE conference will be a combination of economics, art, and public welfare (including non-profts, NGOs, community service, volunteering, etc.). Instead of only focusing discussions on Sino-American economic relations, we hope to use art and public welfare as another pathway to understand the cultural differences between China and the United States. Similar to the 2012 and 2013 IMUSE conference, this year will also have two parts, one in Beijing and one in Hong Kong.

Beijing Itinerary

Forum on Chinese Development:

The IMUSE Forum on Chinese Development will feature a series of lectures from different scholars, businessmen, and political figures. IMUSE delegates will not only be able to participate in these lectures, but will also have an opportunity to engage in discussion, debate with each other, and converse directly with these speakers.

Public Welfare Theme:

Through volunteering, the delegates will have the opportunity to interact with the lower rungs of Chinese society and understand how the Chinese view public welfare, community service, and charity work. IMUSE delegates will also have the chance to participate in discussions with PEER, IJION, and other organizations that have contributed greatly to public welfare in China. Participants will gain a better understanding of public welfare in China and the challenges to continue its development.

Economic Theme:

Apart from engaging in discussions about the most pressing Sino-America economic issues, Chinese and American delegates will also participate in a case-study competition at one of the most prestigious consulting firms in China. This experience will not only allow Chinese and American students to work closely together but will also expand the delegates' international scope and understanding of each others' cultures.

Art Theme:

In our “exploration of Beijing” activity, delegates will have the opportunity to create their own personalized, one-day tour around Beijing. Delegates will have the opportunity to explore all the different types of art that are found throughout Beijing. In addition to this, students will also have the chance to work together and create their own art.

Hong Kong Itinerary

With the support of the China Young Leaders Foundation (CYLFS), the IMUSE-Hong Kong exchange will be focused on encountering cultural differences (especially within China), understanding complex social issues, and appreciating different types of art. Here is a brief list of some of the activities already planned for Hong Kong.

-Visit to slums in Sham Shui Po
-Visit to K11 Art Mall
-Tour around Hong Kong's top universities

Application Process

Our American delegation and our Chinese delegation are chosen in separate application pools, so please be sure you are applying with the right application.

All students in American or Chinese postsecondary schools (including two- and four-year colleges, graduate schools, and vocational, technical, and trade schools) are eligible to apply; overseas American citizens in non-American postsecondary institutions are also eligible. Students need not be American citizens to apply.

Fees: Food, accommodation, and transportation WITHIN Beijing and Hong Kong will be paid for by IMUSE. Please note that all delegates must pay for their own transportation to Beijing and from Hong Kong back to their respective homes. We will ask delegates to to pay upfront $250 as a confirmation fee, which will be spent on the transportation from Beijing to Hong Kong.

Application deadline: April 30

Conference times: August 12-23, 2014
Beijing Part: August 12-19, 2014
Hong Kong Part: August 20-23, 2014

How to Apply:

The deadline for applying has passed. Thank you to all those who applied. We will be getting back to you shortly.


This Chinese-American fellowship was founded in 2007 by Harvard University, Peking University, and Tsinghua University. This program recruits students from all over the world in order to facilitate understanding through cross cultral communication and friendships. IMUSE is currently one of the most influential, student-run exchange programs in China.

From 2008-2013, IMUSE has successfully hosted six consecutive fellowships. Every summer, American students travel hundreds of miles to meet up with Chinese students in Beijing to participate in a two-week exchange program. In the last six years, IMUSE has inspired students to explore Sino-American relations in a global context. From the 2008 tour of North American Universities, the 2011 University of Oxford-Chinese Conference, and the 2012-2013 exchanges to Hong Kong, it is evident that IMUSE participants are not only delegates of their respective countries, but also global citizens and future leaders in our shrinking world.

Over the years, IMUSE has always stayed true to its original vision of helping students embrace our globalized world. It has provided students with an opportunity to experience cultural differences, gain insight into new perspectives, share innovative ideas, and to work together to comprehend the changes in our complex world. Because of this, IMUSE's program has been succeeded year after year, by extraordinary delegates, dedicated staff, and a large community of IMUSE supporters.

IMUSE is sponsored by the Harvard IMUSE Team, Tsinghua University- Association of Student International Communication (ASIC), Peking University- Student International Communication Association (SICA), and China Young Leaders Foundation (CYLDS)

The only real program truly focused on cultural exchange for young leaders covering all aspects, e.g. economy, politics, education, life style, love, etc. You'll have the chance to interact with all 30 outstanding influential delegates, each with different points of views. It is an inspiring journey of learning from another culture as well as self discovery. IMUSE is a challenging and rewarding program, conducted in the most open, relaxing and enjoyable atmosphere.

- Clive Lee, IMUSE 2009, University of Hong Kong