IMUSE | Welcome

Our Mission

Founded in 2008, Initiating Mutual Understanding through Student Exchange (IMUSE) is a collaboration between Harvard University, Peking University, and Tsinghua University students, aiming to foster mutual curiosity, respect, and understanding between people in China, Europe, and the United States by providing top college and graduate students from these regions an intimate forum for discussion and deep personal reflection about the key issues affecting China and the world today.

IMUSE has three primary goals:

- To create socially intimate and intellectually meaningful face-to-face interactions among a small group of promising American and Chinese university students to increase mutual curiosity, trust, and understanding among them;

- To develop an alumni network to facilitate high-impact, positive social change through the continued collaboration of former participants of IMUSE;

- To maintain a strong partnership among IMUSE branches at Harvard, Peking, and Tsinghua Universities through fruitful international exchanges among board members;

We strive to achieve these goals with our biggest event, an annual 10-day conference in Beijing, bringing together top students from the United States, Europe, and China, followed by an opportunity to reflect on the experience with creative essays and photography competitions. Throughout the year, we also promote Sino-American collaboration by inviting guest speakers from top Chinese companies to Harvard University; facilitating social gatherings and mini-conferences for alumni in China and the US.

This very well might be the best opportunity you have of truly understanding one another's mentality and worldview. In sharing your mentality and worldview, you will unintentionally begin to understand more fully yourself and your country. In the rare occasions when diverse peers share the products of introspection, they reap the priceless fruits of understanding. IMUSE is one of those rare occasions.

- Leonid Markel, IMUSE 2009, University of Pennsylvania